A Package That Ticks Might Contain a Large Complex Gift


The relationship between a charity and a benefactor's advisor is often the largest obstacle to maximizing or even realizing a gift of large complex assets. Separate agendas, misunderstandings, and antagonism can lead to a "fire sale" and disappointment on both sides, but partnership and a common agenda can lead to a large and successful gift.

Learn how the gift of a medium-sized rural telecommunications company to an academic medical center a thousand miles away overcame lawsuits, regulatory challenges, tax audits, serious management issues, and tragedy to fund cutting edge research while preserving the benefactor's business legacy with satisfaction from both the buyer and the employees. Understand why other charities favored by the benefactor were left out of final estate plans, and how thorough tax planning can assure last wishes are actually realized. The ultimate objective is to educate advisors, charities and donors to turn concepts into reality regarding gifts of non-cash assets, creating a win/win scenario for both benefactor and charity.

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