Let’s be heard! Join us in DC on October 12

There is no better way to advocate than holding a face-to face meeting with legislators and their staff. And that is why we are going to the Hill. As representatives of some of the most important and visible organizations in your districts you have the power to educate and influence how charitable giving is perceived by your representatives. These small group meetings make an impact when you educate members of Congress about the importance of charitable giving and how promoting a universal charitable deduction can positively impact their communities and constituents.

This will be a critical time to engage legislators about the charitable tax deduction and other issues affecting charitable giving. Whether you are attending the national conference or not, you can participate and we need as many individuals as possible to get a large number of districts represented. This event is open to all CGP members, council members and other interested persons you may wish to invite. There is no fee to participate.

Pink_Bar.pngHow it works:

CGP is working to make this as convenient as possible for all participants. We know your time is valuable and we appreciate the commitment you are making to attend. CGP will arrange all meetings and set the team schedules for the day. Teams of 3-5 participants will be grouped by district(s) and provided all needed talking points and leave behind materials. Orientation takes place Wednesday afternoon and we will prepare and provide you with everything you need for your day of meetings on Thursday. Rooms are available at the conference hotel Hilton Baltimore and CGP will provide round trip bus transportation between the Hilton Baltimore hotel and Capitol Hill on Thursday. If you are not attending the conference, you may still want to stay in Baltimore to be with the group and likely save some hotel costs.

Pink_Bar.pngSchedule of Events:

Wednesday, October 11          

3:00 – 5:00 p.m., Afternoon Orientation

Meet your team, pick up materials, learn your schedule of meetings and get oriented for the day. Perry Wasserman and CGP staff will host an advocacy training session on the Wednesday afternoon following the close of NCPP at the conference hotel. You will be grouped with your team to plan your day, get oriented on protocol and learn what to expect in the sometimes hectic environment of congressional offices. We will discuss talking points and provide tips on how to be effective as a team. By the end of the orientation you will be prepared and set for the upcoming day

Evening - Open

Enjoy an evening with our colleagues in downtown Baltimore and the Harbor. Networking is encouraged. Catching up on work in your hotel room is not.


Thursday, October 12

7:45 a.m., Bus departs to Capitol Hill

There will be two buses and your team will be assigned to a bus based on where your first meeting is scheduled.


9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., Attend meetings as assigned.

Have lunch in one of the House or Senate cafeterias.

Attend afternoon meetings as assigned.


3:00 pm, Meet buses for transportation back to Hilton Baltimore hotel.


Pink_Bar.pngOverall Hill Day Attendee Information:

At the conclusion of NCPP on Wednesday, we’ll meet for a Hill Day orientation from 3:00 – 5:00 pm, in the Peale room on the first floor of the hotel.  This will be an informal session with refreshments.  Participants will have an opportunity to meet Perry Wasserman, CGP’s long-time lobbyist, and get acquainted with fellow participants.  During this time we’ll go over the basics of a Hill Day, how to conduct a Congressional visit, and what to expect on Thursday.  We’ll also arm you with the arguments and data you’ll need to make our case on Capitol Hill. 
CGP will provide round-trip bus transportation to and from DC.  The bus will leave from the Baltimore Hilton at7:45 am.  Please be prompt.  The bus will depart from Capitol Hill at 3:15 pm for the return trip.  If you are not taking the bus and plan to meet us on Capitol Hill, please let your group know at Wednesday’s orientation.  If you want to leave for BWI directly from DC, we’ll be just a few blocks from Union Station and you can take a commuter train to the airport.  Ask us for details. You may leave luggage on the bus but will not have access to your luggage until the bus arrives for our pick up at 3:15 pm.
Participants will be split up, based either on their home state or the type of organization they represent, so you’ll move around the Hill and conduct meetings in groups of 2-5 people.  Our hope is that each group will have between 3 and 4 meetings, although Congressional schedules can and will change at the last minute.  In some cases, you will meet with the Congressman or Congresswoman, and in other cases you’ll be meeting with senior Congressional staff.  In a few cases, you’ll be meeting with junior Congressional staffers which is, for better or worse, a reality on Capitol Hill.  At the orientation, we’ll provide you with everything you need for a successful day, including each group’s schedule of meetings for the day and how to get around the Hill. 
Your group will have plenty of downtime between meetings.  We’ll provide you with a list of places within the Capitol complex to grab food or coffee. 
Dress is business attire, but remember you’ll be walking a great deal in and between office buildings, so whatever you do, WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES.  Let me repeat that: WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES.  Keep in mind you’ll also be going through metal detectors when you access the office buildings.  Consider bringing a briefcase, conference bag, or handbag that you can run through the scanner rather than continually emptying your pockets while standing in a security line.
There is nothing per se you need to do in advance of the event, but some people have asked if there are things they can look over ahead of time.  Feel free to review the following resources, but we promise to cover everything you need to know at Wednesday’s orientation.

  • During the meetings, we’ll be referencing a tax reform bill that is literally being drafted as I write this email.  The legislation is based on a “unified framework” that was released by Republican leaders last week.  That framework can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/54v0d0i3ji1h0jr/Tax%20Blueprint.pdf?dl=0
  • Although we’ll provide you with detailed talking points during the orientation, see the attached fact sheet for a preview of the arguments we’ll make on the Hill.
  • For even more detail on CGP’s policy positions, review our July 2017 statement on tax reform, which can be found here: http://info.charitablegiftplanners.org/hubfs/Advocacy/Senate%20Finance%20Committee%20-%20National%20Association%20of%20Charitable%20Gift%20Planners.pdf
  • During your meetings you’ll have an opportunity to talk about the organization or company you are representing.  Give some thought to how you can best explain in just 30-60 seconds what you and your group does.  How would you describe it?  Can you quantify the successes of your services or programs?  How do you benefit your community and the Congressman’s constituents? How many people do you employ?  Likewise, the overall purpose of our meetings is to explain the true beneficiaries of charitable and planned giving, so try to think of good examples from your work of how this type of giving has supported crucial programs, services, organizations, and institutions in the Congressional district or state in question.



If you have any questions please let us know, email us at advocacy@charitablegiftplanners.org or call the offices at 317-269-6274. Thank you for participating in this important event!