Download a sampling of NCPP 2015's Speaker Papers.                

The National Conference on Philanthropic Pl
anning (NCPP) is an incredible opportunity to gain resources for new techniques in the field of charitable gifts. These conference papers will give you a taste of the content produced at NCPP where over 40 speaker papers are provided to attendees each year!

The three conference paper offerings are from NCPP's 2015 sessions and offer something specific to what you do as a...

  • Marketing Master: "Bequests: Who Wants To Make Them & How To Get Them" - Jeffrey Lydenberg
  • Advisor: "Personalized Philanthropy Across the Disciplines: Planning for High Capacity Clients and Donors" -Tim Belber, Phil Cubeta and Steven Meyers
  • Planned Giving Specialist: "All You Need For Planned Giving You Learned in Kindergarten" - Meryl Cosentino